Saturday, January 25, 2014


I keep reminding myself it is only "stuff".  Not the things I really care about, my family and friends.

Around noon I went upstairs to bed.  I was physically exhausted and needed to lie down. It felt like I had just fallen asleep when my Dear Hubby called me on my cellphone.  "What are you doing?"  Me: (annoyed) "Sleeping!"  Hubby:  "I hear water.  Did you flush and maybe the toilet is still running?"  I went and checked both toilets on the second floor.  "Nope.  They are fine". Him:  I hear WATER!"  Dear Hubby races to the basement.  Long story short...a pipe in the basement ceiling burst and water was shooting all over Hubby's office!  The carpet, walls, hubby's desk, five bookcases and all of my hard back books are being doused with water!  Hubby raced to the main water shutoff.  We called the plumber's emergency number and $283 later he left.  "I hope not to see you again for quite a while.", he says.  This is the same company, and man, that spent 8 hours unclogging my sink ($850).  I called our ins company.  We have a $750 deductible and the plumbing repair is not covered.  Grrrr....if I kill "Murphy" and his damn laws will you visit me in prison?


  1. Aww, so sorry that this happened. Nothing worse than finding "stuff" swimming in water. If my books got doused I think I would be sitting in the middle of the floor crying. I know that it is just stuff, but my books are a big extension of who I am.

    Yes I would visit you in prison.

    God bless.

    1. A good 75% of my books are ruined...and they are ALL hardback. I only collect hardback because I read my books over and over. The "water remediation" company (sent by my insurance company) was here for 3 hours today and will be here the next three days. The man asked if I had any "favorites" I would like to try to save...put them in the freezer. I put all of my Harry Potters in the freezer. Since my BIG freezer is dead I could only fit those books in the fridge/freezer. I hope they have been saved. I know I can buy another series, but still... Normally we would not have been home at that time on a Saturday, but the snow coming down made me want to snuggle in front of the fire, so we came home early from running errands. Thank God we did. The man said we would have been wading in deep water had we not been home. The plumber said we were pumping out 8 gallons per minute.

  2. OMG ... I'm so sorry. Hope you can salvage your books!

  3. Nope, 75% of my books are gonners....(sob)... The "water remediation" company my insurance sent out (they were here for 3 hours today and will be here for the next 3 days) asked if I had any favorites, I could try putting them in the freezer to save them. I put my whole Harry Potter series in. I know the insurance will replace them, but they were the first thing I wanted to save. I will know tomorrow if we were able to save them...